Social Stories - Change in Routine
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Social Stories - Change in Routine
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بواسطة ناتاشا Lupiani

الأفراد الذين يعانون من اضطراب طيف التوحد (ASD) ، إلى جانب العديد من التشخيصات الأخرى ، يزدهرون بشكل روتيني وبنية. الروتينية ليست دائما ممكنة. في بعض الأحيان يحدث انتقال أو حدث غير متوقع ويغير روتينًا. يمكن أن يساعد دمج القصص الاجتماعية حول التحولات القادمة الشائعة والأحداث غير المتوقعة في إعداد الطلاب وتقليل القلق من أجل التغيير.

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Special Ed Social Stories for Transitions - Timmy is a school age boy with Autism. His mom picks him up everyday after school and takes him home. Today Timmy's mom has to take him to the doctor after school. He is anxious about not being able to go right home after school since Timmy doesn't not like a change in his routine.

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  • Mom is going to take me to the doctor today instead of going straight home.
  • The doctor needs to check me out, then I will go home.
  • That was not bad at all. I still came home after school was over. I just had to go somewhere else first.
  • Timmy's mom picks him up from school just like every other day.
  • Timmy and his mom are in the car after school, driving to his doctor's appointment.
  • Timmy is at his doctor's appointment, and everything is okay.
  • Timmy and his mom are on their way home now. It's only a little later than he normally gets home.
  • Timmy has done all the things he needed to do.
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