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Welcome to Storyboard That for Business! Below are guides to all of our business resources, visuals, and templates to help you get started right away. Explore resources for film and video marketing, business strategy, software development, product management, and training and HR. Our resources include a mix of articles on relevant business topics and collections of templates to help you create your first Storyboard That visual. All of the resources are free, so start exploring today!

Business Strategy and Management
Film Resources
Making Movies out of Your Storyboard
Graphic Design Resources
Use Storyboards to Help With Processes and Steps!
Product Development
Training and HR Guides
Video Marketing Resources

Illustrated Guides

Storyboard That has created visual guides to various terms for the business world, such as Operating Leverage and Progressive Disclosure. Click on one of the links below to learn more about business terms and design thinking concepts!

Design Thinking   |   Business Terms

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