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Wireframe Templates

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Wireframes are minimalist first-draft designs of what a web-page should look like. They are intentionally designed to leave out certain aspects, like color or images, so that the product designers and development team are not distracted and can focus on the core layout of the page. Use one of the templates above to create a wireframe for your website, or create your own from scratch!

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Wireframe Templates and Examples

Make a Wireframe

Creating wireframes is an essential part of the product design process. Wireframes give developers, designers, and marketers the chance to walk through a new web-page or product before it's built, and stay focused on the key goals or objectives the new page is trying to achieve. Wireframes are generally simple, quick, and easily editable, which allows for strong interdepartmental collaboration during the product development process.

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Wireframes vs Mockups

Start your Design

When designing a new web-page or adding a new feature to your product, it's important to create both wireframes and mockups - but what's the difference? In short, a wireframe is a low fidelity, minimalist approach to a design concept. It focuses on the core layout and features a new page will have, but leaves all the flash to the mockup. Mockups are higher fidelity and include color, real language, and true icons. A wireframe decides how a mockup will look, and a mockup should be an accurate, static representation of the final product.

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UI Wireframes

Make a UI Wireframe

Developing and designing a clear and modern UI is an essential aspect of keeping users happy. The user interface is how your customers will navigate their way through your website and ultimately decide if they want to purchase your product. Use our UI wireframe templates to help you get started designing the best interface for your product!

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UX Wireframes

Make a UX Wireframe

Designing a simple yet thorough user experience will significantly increase your website's conversion rate and increase web-page revenues. UX tends to be much more complicated than what initially meets the eye. The best way to visualize your UX from start to finish and identify areas for improvement is to create a UX wireframe. Create a user experience wireframe today by using our templates below!

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Mobile Wireframes

Make a Mobile Wireframe

The Mobile First movement is upon us, and now is the time to update all site content and optimize it for our mobile users. When redesigning site content for mobile users, the entire page layout may have to be rewritten from scratch. Use our mobile wireframe templates and examples to help you get started optimizing your pages for mobile!

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Tablet Wireframes

Make a Tablet Wireframe

Optimizing your web-pages for tablet users has becoming a critical aspect of maintaining and improving site traffic. A tablet page has a drastically different layout and feel than a desktop or mobile page. Tablet users generally have more time than mobile users, but not quite as much as desktop, which leads to a unique design and interface style. Create a tablet wireframe with one of our free templates today!

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Sketch Wireframes

Make a Wireframe

Wireframing is the best way to design a modern and effective web-page. Traditionally, many people think of wireframing as something done with pen and paper, which left most of us non artistic people feeling left out. That's why we decided to create pre-made sketch wireframes for you! Create a wireframe today using one of our templates and customize it to your business objectives.

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Responsive Wireframes

Make a Responsive Wireframe

Making your web-pages responsive is really not even a choice in today's day and age. With the range of different devices and screen sizes only growing, having your web-pages be able to fit and re-render to those sizes is essential. Create responsive wireframes using our templates and begin improving your website today!

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Homepage Wireframes

Make a Homepage Wireframe

Your website homepage is most likely where you will have the most traffic and will be the fist place users make the decision as to whether or not they're interested in your product. Designing a homepage that is simple, easy to navigate, and illustrates all the complex features of your product is extremely difficult. Use our homepage wireframe templates to help you get started building the best homepage for your product.

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Dashboard Wireframes

Make a Dashboard Wireframe

A dashboard is a key component to user interaction with your product. From the dashboard, the user should be able to navigate around the site to accomplish virtually any objective your product allows for. By creating wireframes for your dashboard, you will ensure that you're designing the simplest yet most thorough dashboard possible for your users.

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Purchase Page Wireframes

Make a Wireframe

Building and designing the perfect purchase page is not an easy task. How many different plans or accounts does your product offer? How many different payment cycle options? What are the features included in each plan? An easy way to think through all of these factors and design the perfect page is to create a wireframe or mockup. Use the templates and examples below to help you get started.

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User Flow Wireframes

Make a User Flow Wireframe

Designing and building a streamlined user flow is much easier than it sounds. There are always many more potential user options and paths than initially meets the eye, and creating an efficient and simple user flow becomes increasingly more difficult as your product matures. Creating a user flow wireframe is a great place to start to help you map out all of your potential user choices. Use our templates and create a user flow wireframe today!

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