Look After - English Phrasal Verbs

Picture Encyclopedia of English Phrasal Verbs

Understand the differences between common phrasal verbs in English

Phrasal verbs can be tough. We put together a collection of storyboards, examples, and definitions to help you help your students visualize and understand how they work. Customize our examples or make your own, or even have students create their own to demonstrate understanding!
Astronomy - Constellation

Picture Encyclopedia of Astronomy Terms

Learn about astronomy terms through storyboards!

Visualize space! This collection of space definitions comes with a storyboard to illustrate each term, as well as fun facts and a longer definition. Go exploring in the depths of space words.
A Midsummer's Night Dream - Shakespeare Plays

Picture Encyclopedia of Shakespeare Plays

Learn about Shakespearean plays through storyboards!

Make Shakespeare more approachable for students who might be overwhelmed! Find illustrated guides to a variety of William Shakespeare's plays, from comedies to tragedies and everything in between. Each guide has a storyboard and a summary, as well as important themes and quotes.
Literary Genres - Narrative Poetry

Picture Encyclopedia of Literary Genres

Learn about genres of literature through storyboards!

There's a lot of genres of literature to study, from poetry to non fiction. Our collection of storyboards help define each literary genre. Each guide provides a visual along with a definition and examples of literature that falls in that particular genre.
Anuket from Egyptian Mythology

Picture Encyclopedia of Mythology

Learn more about Greek gods and goddesses and more with storyboards!

Mythology is interwoven in everything from daily life to your favorite novel. This guide to mythology includes Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies, and explores important figures and the symbols and myths that they belong in.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Picture Encyclopedia of Influential People

Learn more about people who have influenced history with storyboards!

Individuals in history have made countless world-changing contributions. This collection of historical figures has visual storyboards along with short biographies for each person. Find out what makes these people so influential with these illustrated guides.
Innovations - Aqueduct

Picture Encyclopedia of Innovations

Learn more about important inventions and discoveries through storyboards!

Innovations changed the world. Check out some of the most important world-changing inventions, discoveries, and technical improvements. Without them, life as we know it would be awfully different. Storyboards, definitions, and examples included, and are great for inspiration for larger projects!
Character vs Nature Literary Conflict

Picture Encyclopedia of Literary Elements

Learn about literary terms through storyboards!

A collection of storyboards to help you or your students better understand various literary terms. Each guide comes with a longer definition, examples, and can be customized to use with any unit or even specific novels.
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