Foils in The Kite Runner: Amir vs. Hassan
Актуализирано: 2/8/2019
Foils in The Kite Runner: Amir vs. Hassan
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Foil Characters

Фолийни Символи

От Ребека Рей

Фолиото се използва във всички видове литература. Характер, който показва противоположни или противоречиви черти на друг характер, се нарича фолио. Фолийните знаци могат да бъдат антагонисти, но не винаги. Понякога фолиата ще бъдат дори други герои, заедно с героя. Когато авторът използва фолио, те искат да се уверят, че читателят подбира важни атрибути и характеристики на главния герой. Поради тази причина фолиото е важно да се внимава!

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Описание на Статията

Character Foils - Amir vs. Hassan Kite Runner

Текст на Статията

  • AMIR
  • Desperately wants the approval and love of his father
  • Ethnic Pashtun
  • An excellent kite flier and fighter
  • Ethnic Hazara
  • An excellent kite runner
  • Desperately wants the approval and love of Amir
  • Amir's insecurity about his relationship with Baba leads him to be manipulative and slightly mean at times, especially to Hassan. He is also a Pashtun, which sets him above Hassan in their society. He is ashamed of not helping Hassan when he was being attacked by Assef, and he carries this guilt with him for the rest of his life. His guilt leads him to save Hassan's son, Sohrab.
  • Guilty and repentant
  • Insecure and jealous
  • Hassan desperately wants to please Amir, and often takes the blame when they get in trouble because of Amir's ideas. When Amir frames him for stealing, he stays silent about it and leaves the house in grief, but later forgives him. He tells Rahim Khan that he would like Amir to meet his wife and son. He also names his son after his favorite story that Amir would read to him.
  • Open-hearted and loyal
  • Forgiving