Bullying - How to Tell if YOU Are the Bully
Актуализирано: 2/26/2019
Bullying - How to Tell if YOU Are the Bully
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School Bullying

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Тук в Storyboard That, вярваме, че всеки студент трябва да има право на качествено образование без заплахи. Установихме, че чрез използването на сценарии за създаване на сценарии за ролеви игри студентите могат по-добре да видят ефектите и характеристиките на тормоза. Чрез интерактивни уроци можете да помогнете на студентите да променят нагласите си от "тормозът е проблем" до "тормозът е проблем и мога да направя нещо за него".

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Bullying - How to Tell if YOU Are the Bully | Help students identify and stop bullying.

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  • Please, don't hit me again!
  • Give it to me now, wimp!
  • You're worthless. You never do anything right around here!
  • Yeah, yeah.. RELAX.
  • Does it make you feel better when you hurt others or take things from them?
  • Do you use your size and strength to get your way or take advantage of others?
  • Have you been bullied by someone in the past and take revenge on others because of it?
  • Do you avoid thinking about people's feelings, especially when you do or say hurtful things to them?