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By Anna Warfield

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Using Storyboard That in the Classroom

During the first few weeks of school, it is important to acclimate students to using computers independently. Storyboard That can help you familiarize students with the use and protocols of technology and allow you to get to know students at the same time. There are tons of ways to introduce your students to Storyboard That with digital storytelling projects!

Of course, all students don't need to do the same project. Everyone has a different experience each summer: camps, staying home, travelling, family vacations, beach trips, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, lounging at the pool, and LOTS more. Below are some suggested ideas for storyboard projects for the start of the new school year.

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Back to School Activities

Goals for the Year

A new year means a new you! Visualize goals that you or your students want to achieve. Include just the goal itself, and also steps to reaching that goal. Ask students to show what academic, social, and personal goals they have for the new school year on storyboards.

Summer Reading Project

Many students are assigned summer reading projects, and some students read many, many books over the summer months. Either choose a book that was assigned, or let students choose one of the books they read. Students can create amazing storyboards that show

Take a look at just a few of our ideas!

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About Me

Each and every one of our students is their own being with lots of past stories, quirks, favorite things, hobbies, and talents. Give them a chance to present themselves to you and to the class.

Things I Looooove
Things I Looooove


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What I Did This Summer

Classic beginning of the year writing - now spice things up a bit with Storyboard That. Use the traditional layout to create a narrative of "What I Did This Summer" (or "What I WISH I Had Done This Summer). Or use the spider map to show various activities or places visited. Another option is to describe the summer in a timeline.

Timeline of My Summer

Pick out four or five most important events of the summer and put them in chronological order. It's okay if exact dates aren't used, as long as the order is right. Focus on just a few events, like going to a movie with friends, a family vacation, a big thunderstorm that made the lights go out, or whatever. For students who did "nothing" all summer: end of school, July, August, back to school.

There are many ways in which to use Storyboard That when kids are just coming back to school. Storyboard That is a great way for students to get acclimated to using technology in YOUR classroom and share about themselves or about something they read during the summer. The characters, scenes, items, editing tools, and more will engage your students from the very beginning.

If you're looking for even more awesome things, you can create first day activities that students can complete digitally or that can be printed out and completed by hand! Have students create a coat of arms or a family tree, and get to know a little bit about what makes them unique!

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