Diagram a Process

By Anna Warfield

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Making a Sequence Diagram for Education

We give and get instructions all of the time. Whether it is a tutorial on a website, a recipe for dinner, or directions to the post office, instructions are all around us. We go through various processes too, as do many natural phenomena. Life cycles, routines, photosynthesis, digestion - processes are everywhere! Instructions and processes are so much more easily understood when accompanied by visuals. When we storyboard a process or create a sequential diagram, we can focus on discrete steps, cause and effect, and sequence.

Storyboarding makes us internalize meaning, focus on the essence of what we need to say, and display it visually. It also provides common visuals for a group of people. People can have different impressions or personal biases that affect thought patterns (see our article on the Ladder of Inference), so presenting information visually and verbally communicates ideas in a better way.

Make a Process Diagram

Project Suggestions

By breaking down a process, we can focus on three important things: What is the end goal or purpose? What are the individual steps? What are potential setbacks that can be easily avoided? There are many processes that can be storyboarded. Here are a few ideas for various subjects and grade levels. Storyboards can be created by teachers for students, or they can be created by students to showcase learning.

  • How to address multi-step word problems
  • Krebs cycle
  • Water cycle
  • Procedures
  • How to simplify polynomial expressions
  • How to submit online homework
  • How to separate trash and recyclables
  • How mail is delivered
  • Steps involved with a science experiment or other hands-on activity
  • Life cycle of ______
  • Sequence of events (story, schedule, etc.)
  • User experience in an app or computer program (UX Design)
How to Use a Protractor
How to Use a Protractor


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Diagram a Process  

Benefits for Teachers to Show Processes to Students

Processes can be very clearly explained or demonstrated and all students SEE the process in the same way. In addition, storyboards can be referred to at a later time for reinforcement, reteaching, or review. Having a visual record is really useful! Print out comic strips, create a shared folder on the school network, or otherwise make the process available. For example, put a long division comic in a math notebook or folder that students can reference when doing independent work.

Benefits for Students to Create Processes

  • Improve critical thinking
  • Improve sequencing skills and understanding of cause and effect
  • Solidify understanding and retention
  • Force students to organize their thoughts
  • Improve social learning through presentation and sharing

Customize Worksheets!

If you're looking for another step or an alternative assignment, you can create graphic organizer worksheets to use in your class! These worksheets can be customized and printed out for students to fill out with a pencil, or they can be completed in the Storyboard Creator like a digital worksheet. You can even create multiple versions for those students who might need a little extra help, and keep them on hand for future use! Find plenty of templates to work from or just start with a blank canvas.

Create a Storyboard 

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Process Examples

Check out all these different examples of processes. Notice the different layouts and approaches. Variations on the traditional layout make for a more engaging experience. Depending on the purpose of the storyboard diagram, have a character say what to do with speech bubbles, or narrate with titles, descriptions, or both! Show either a realistic situation or do an explanation for more abstract ideas.

Diagram a Process  

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