4 Little Known Storyboard That Features

By Emily Swartz

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Holiday Cards

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Holidays are an extra fun time to use Storyboard That! One feature that many users are unfamiliar with is the ability to create Holiday Cards!

Card Template Instructions

Create a three-cell storyboard for Mother’s Day. This could be a short story (beginning, middle, and end), a joke, a special message to your mother, or whatever you want!

Cell 1 is the front of the card.

Cell 2 is the left inside page.

Cell 3 is the back of the card.

Mother's Day Card Printout

Storyboards of any layout can be converted into a folding card, but only the first three cells will appear. Titles and descriptions are not printed on the card, so use “Textables” inside the cell if you want to include text.

  1. After you save your storyboard, click "Make a Folding Card" and then click "Mother’s Day" (or whatever holiday you wish). The right inside page is a pre-written message that you select at this step. Choose the artwork and message that works best for you!

  2. Print out the pop-up image, and fold.

    • Hold the paper so the front of the card is right-side-up in the bottom right corner.
    • Then, fold the paper in half away from you (you should see the back of the card on the left and the front of the card on the right).
    • Fold the paper again so you only see the front.

  3. Don't forget to sign your card!

Storyboard That currently offers holiday card templates for birthdays, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Passover, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and general Season’s Greetings.

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16x9 is a fairly new layout option and should definitely be one you’re using regularly! 16x9 is the industry-standard layout for film production (widescreen aspect ratio or 16 9 format), but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for use in the classroom, too!

The 16x9 layout allows for more space in each cell. More space means more opportunities to add dialogue, characters, and detail to your storyboard!

Read more information on our 16x9 layout.

Smart Scenes

Smart Scenes are scenes that can be customized to edit things like time of day and the weather. They are PERFECT for making sure your storyboard is as specific as possible, and also to ensure you have necessary details that are important to the overall theme or message of your storyboard.

To use Smart Scenes, follow these steps:

[Note: We have an entire post dedicated to how you can use Smart Scenes with your students.]

First, drag and drop the scene into your cell. This example shows a city sidewalk scene, found in Scenes > Town.

Edit Scene

Second, click the ‘Edit Scene’ button that appears in the dialogue box. Then, this window will appear! Look at all of those options! Select the changes you wish to make, and click ‘Update Scene’.

Smart Scene Screen

Here are four different scenes you can make using the Smart Scene feature!

Smart Scene City

Smart Scenes will definitely become one of your favorite features of Storyboard That. They can be used in our traditional cell size as well as 16x9!


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The newest addition to our lineup of characters are called Stickies! They are very expressive stick figures with attire that can be colored to enhance the story!

You can use Stickies with your students to tell stories, create simple character maps, or plan out an upcoming skit or school play! The opportunities are endless.

Stickies can be found under Characters > Stickies

What are your favorite Storyboard That features? Is there something missing that you’d love to see? Tweet us your answers to @Storyboardthat and we’ll RT our favorites!

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