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Create a Financial Infographic

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Trying to explain complex financial situations to those not familiar with financial terms or concepts is not an easy task. People can often be intimidated by complex sounding financial language and automatically tune it out. Using an infographic to explain financial situations is a great way to captivate a typically unengaged audience!

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3 Tips for Creating a Financial Infographic

  1. Humanize It

    The first step when creating a financial infographic is to relate it to your audience. The easiest way to do this is to make it relatable by humanizing the finance. Create a character and represent it with a human image on your infographic. By associating all financial situations to this character, your audience will have an easier time internalizing your data.
  2. Add Symbols and Icons

    Perhaps the biggest strength of using infographics is the ability to add symbols and icons as representations of complex ideas. Use these symbols or icons to your advantage to introduce your audience to these new concepts without making them feel intimidated.
  3. Make It Linear

    Lastly, make your infographic linear. Where does the money come from? Where does it go? Where does it end up? Making your financial infographic a step-by-step, linear story allows your audience follow along one step at a time without becoming overwhelmed.

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