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A product roadmap is a visual description of your product development process over time. It outlines what your product does and why consumers would buy it, as well as strategies for improving your product over time and staying competitive within your market.

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Product Roadmap-example
Product Roadmap-example


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3 Tips for Creating a Product Roadmap

  1. Divide Work Into Teams

    When planning out your product development process, it's important to note who is responsible for completing what. List all the tasks that need to be completed and delegate to each team or department. Assign responsibility for making sure those tasks are completing by their due date.
  2. Set a Timeline

    After all the tasks have been listed and properly delegated, set a reasonable timeline for completion. Mark major product development milestones and list a rough completion date. Try not to be too specific with your dates (keep it to months only) to avoid disappointing investors.
  3. Schedule Accordingly

    Finally, schedule the roadmap. This is actually more complicated than it sounds. Review your task list and which team is responsible for completing what, then estimate how many hours each task will take and note which tasks must be completed to allow another task to begin. Creating a product roadmap is like doing a puzzle; all of the pieces have to fit together perfectly.

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