Winter Holiday - Story
Opdateret: 11/16/2018
Winter Holiday - Story
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Af Emily Swartz

Alle, der kender mig, ved, jeg er en planlægger. Jeg kan lide at planlægge mine frokoster for ugen, hvor jeg har tænkt mig på min næste ferie, og selv hvilke gaver jeg giver til fødselsdage / helligdage, nogle gange måneder i forvejen. Kan du lide at planlægge alt for? Du er heldig! Jeg har sammensat en kalender over Storyboard That 's Holiday lektionsplaner (alle inklusive studenteraktiviteter), så du kan planlægge din undervisning for alle kommende helligdage ...

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Storyboard Tekst

  • It's just snow, dear.
  • The snow kept coming down. I didn't think it was ever going to stop. The outdoors turned ghostly white. Would Wei be able to find his way to us?
  • scratch scratch
  • Wei was late. He is never late. He is ALWAYS early. When I expressed my concerns to my mother, she didn't believe me at all.
  • I had seen snow before, but this was worse. Would we get trapped inside our house, buried beneath many feet of snow forever?!
  • Where WERE you?
  • Shoveling the walkway!
  • I tried to distract myself by reading, but the power suddenly went out. I heard a strange scratching sound outside. It echoed in the still, black night.
  • Was there an ice monster outside? My mother brought in a lantern. She was perfectly calm and not worried about the ice monster eating Wei! Then I heard the door open and close!
  • Wei had arrived over an hour before, and he had been clearing out the snow to our door! No ice monster, and with Wei's help, we won't be buried forever.
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