Five Act Structure - Romeo and Juliet
Opdateret: 4/16/2018
Five Act Structure - Romeo and Juliet
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Af Emily Swartz

Alle, der kender mig, ved, jeg er en planlægger. Jeg kan lide at planlægge mine frokoster for ugen, hvor jeg har tænkt mig på min næste ferie, og selv hvilke gaver jeg giver til fødselsdage / helligdage, nogle gange måneder i forvejen. Kan du lide at planlægge alt for? Du er heldig! Jeg har sammensat en kalender over Storyboard That 's Holiday lektionsplaner (alle inklusive studenteraktiviteter), så du kan planlægge din undervisning for alle kommende helligdage ...

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Five Act Structure - Romeo and Juliet text summary

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  • O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art as glorious to this night, being o'er my head, as is a winged messenger of heaven!
  • It's just a scratch...
  • I feel personally responsible...I married them hoping it would end the fighting.
  • "In fair Verona...a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. The fearful passage of their death marked love and the continuance of their parents' rage, which led to their children's deaths.​ "
  • Romeo and Juliet fall in love but cannot be together because their families do not like each other. They decide to get married in secret. ​
  • After crashing the Capulet party, Tybalt goes after the Montague crew and kills Mercutio. To avenge his friend, Romeo duels with and kills Tybalt - Juliet's cousin. ​ Romeo is banished, but before he goes he gives Juliet a proper wedding night!
  • Juliet's father requests that she marries Count Paris. However, to escape a second wedding she and Friar Lawrence concoct a plan to make it appear as if she dies. By taking a sleeping potion!
  • Being the only person who knows the whole story, the Friar explains it to the families, who decided to finally end their grudge. ​
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