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World Language Activity Ideas

World Language Activities

Find suggestions on how to incorporate Storyboard That into your language learning class today! From posters to narratives to vocabulary practice, there's plenty of ways to make language learning fun, engaging, and visual.
Infographic Example

Using Infographics in the Classroom

65% of the world's population are visual learners. What does that mean for your classroom? Visual projects, posters, and infographics will go a long way in helping your students understand the material and enjoy learning as they go! It's become essential to include visual aids in lessons.
App Smashing with Storyboard That

App Smash with Storyboard That

By Kristen Twomey

App smashing allows students to create projects using multiple applications (shortened to "apps") to achieve the end result. The applications can be anything from the camera app on a phone to a website like Storyboard That. Providing a variety of different apps to use lets students pick the ones that allow them to achieve their desired outcome. Each part of the project is completed in a different app and the result is an integrated presentation. Combining applications with Storyboard That enhances storytelling through the addition of photographs, audio, and video.
TPT Cover Images

5 Easy Steps to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

We know how hard you work to find the right resources for your class, and sometimes you need to make your own pages, projects, and posters. Help out other teachers by selling the items you create here on Teachers Pay Teachers or similar sites.

Homeschooling with Storyboard That

Take Storyboard That Offline

One of the best features to take advantage of is our larger layouts, namely the handout and poster sizes. While these sizes give kids the ability to create posters, graphic organizers, and larger scale stories, they also come in handy for offline projects.
Make a GIF with Storyboard That!

Make Your Own GIFs with Storyboard That

By Kristen Twomey

Learn how to create GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) in the Storyboard Creator. It's easy and fun!
Character Analysis Essays

Character Analysis Essays

By Kristen Twomey

Character analyses are important for recognizing the depth and impact characters have on a story. Usually character analyses are a more in-depth assignment or short essay that require the student to think critically about one or more characters and make inferences from a careful reading of the text. It helps to have ways to visually organize the different parts of a character analysis with storyboards, graphic organizers or character analysis worksheets.
How to Make a Worksheet

How to Make a Worksheet

Storyboard That allows you to create worksheets and other full page documents using the features available in the Storyboard Creator! We recommend you start with a template for structure, but sometimes a completely blank page is all you need!

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