Clean the Park
Actualizado: 4/18/2018
Clean the Park

Storyboard Descripción

Make a difference in your community! Clean up an area near you for Earth Day!

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • Wasn't planning on it. I didn't think it was a "holiday" holiday.
  • Hey Tyler, Earth Day is coming up. You doing anything?
  • Well, even if you don't get presents or a day off from school, it is still important.
  • So... what are you doing?
  • Oh I am so glad you asked! I could really use some help!
  • Me? Work?
  • Yes, Tyler. You. Work.
  • I guess if we don't do anything, will anybody else?
  • I'll help you with the park!
  • I thought Earth Day would be a great chance to clean up the park.