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Measuring in Daily Life
Actualizado: 8/29/2018
Measuring in Daily Life
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Instructional Comic - Why do I need to learn measurement?

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • 1 ft = 12 In 1 h = 60 min 1 gal = 4 qt
  • 1 L = 1000mL 1 T = 2000 lb 1 mi = 5,280 ft
  • I'll never even use this!
  • Now, now, Gwen.
  • Allow me to show you some examples of measurement.
  • The fancy confection shop down the street sells some of the candies, fudge, and chocolate by the pound. Do you think a pound of fudge is enough to share with your family? How much money do you spend?
  • You make chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale. A single recipe calls for ten ounces of chocolate chips and 3/4 cup of butter. How many bags of chocolate chips and how many boxes of butter do you need for a triple batch?
  • Ok, I get it. I use measurement all the time.
  • You pick up some apples from the grocery store. The apples cost $1.49 for one pound. How many ounces or pounds of apples do you buy? How much do you spend?
  • You host an awesome party with equally awesome punch. How much juice, soda, and fruit do you need? Do you have enough music on the playlist to last the whole party?
  • 1 ft = 12 in 1 h = 60 min 1 gal = 4 qt
  • 1 L = 1000mL 1 T = 2000 lb 1 mi = 5,280 ft
  • Too busy. Measuring.
  • The car broke down and you are stranded. How far do you need to walk to a town? Will you be able to get anywhere before dark?
  • You've made it to the moon! How much do you weigh now? How far away are you from home? What is the diameter of the crater in which you are standing?
  • I think you are getting carried away.
  • Are you still listening to me?
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