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Animated - Example
Actualizado: 3/19/2018
Animated - Example
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5 Plantillas Storyboard Para Video Marketing

Por Josh Bumcrot

5 plantillas de guiones gráficos y ejemplos que te permitirán visualizar tus ideas y luego convertirlas en un video. Cómo guiones gráficos de tus ideas y trama para un video de negocios.

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Storyboard Descripción

Animated video marketing ad storyboard

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • Introduction to Happy Character
  • Character vs Monster (problem)
  • Character Uses Product to Fight Monster
  • VO: Will the worker is very happy with his job, office, and his coworkers. There's only one problem...
  • Monster Goes Away
  • Z
  • Z
  • VO: The monster named 'Hunger' usually creeps up on him around 3pm. Hunger distracts him from his work and makes him grumpy.
  • Character Returns to Being Happy
  • VO: Luckily Will has the SoLoMoFoo app and uses to locate free food around his office so he can fight off Hunger whenever it creeps up.
  • Product Summary with Call to Action
  • VO: With SoLoMoFoo Will is able to put hunger to sleep.
  • Z
  • VO: With Hunger asleep Will is able to get back to work and be pleasant with his coworkers. 
  • VO: Download SoLoMoFoo today in the app store and access free food all over the globe!
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