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Isiklik Narratiiv
Värskendatud: 3/4/2019
Isiklik Narratiiv
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  • Last year, I was a seventh grader at Springfield Middle School. My grandparents lived just down the street. My grandma cooked us dinner often, and my grandpa gave me piano lessons every week.
  • Then, suddenly, just before my yearly piano recital, my grandfather had a sudden heart attack and was rushed to the hospital.
  • Each day, as I practiced for the recital, I couldn't stop thinking about Grandpa. I struggled to learn my pieces.
  • In memory of my grandfather...
  • On New Year's Eve, my grandfather passed away.
  • For a week, I couldn't even touch the piano. Then, I began to play every day. As I played, I felt connected to Grandpa.
  • I dedicated my recital to him. To me, he is the best piano teacher that ever lived.
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