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When learning about U.S. history and civics, students should be able to have a strong grasp of what each branch of government is responsible for. The Executive Branch was, in short, created to enforce laws. It's existence defines the roles and powers of the President. With the activities in this lesson plan, students will enjoy illustrating the power, responsibilities, and members of the Executive Branch and be able to answer the question "What does the Executive Branch do?"

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When the Founding Fathers established the American government, they made a system of checks and balances so no one part of the government would have too much power. There are three branches of government: the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch. The Legislative Branch was intended to make laws, the Executive Branch to enforce laws, and the Judicial Branch to judge laws.

The Executive Branch is a vital topic for those studying American government. Although many recognize the President of the United States as our chief executive, the branch itself carries more roles and responsibilities than many realize. The Executive Branch preserves the rights and safeties guaranteed to all citizens. In order to understand how America is able to function as a collective body, it is critical for both historians and citizens to know the scope of power and responsibility vested in the Executive Branch.

Essential Questions for The Executive Branch

  1. What is theExecutive Branch?
  2. What purpose does the Cabinet serve?
  3. What are the different roles of the President of the United States?

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