Customer Journey Map for HR Hailey
עודכן: 9/4/2018
Customer Journey Map for HR Hailey
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Customer Journey Mapping Lesson Plans

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Customer Journey Map / Customer Journey Mapping

טקסט Storyboard

  • Acme Co has a Morale Problem
  • Employee retention rate is becoming a problem.
  • HR Hailey Begins to Research Ideas
  • Improve Company Moral
  • Ten Quick and Cheap Tips to Improve Company Morale
  • SoLoMoFoo is First Discovered
  • Ten Quick and Cheap Tips to Improve Company Morale
  • Workplace Social Food Sharing Network
  • Call to Action to Get Started
  • • Share Free Food at Work • Increase Sense of Community • Quick and Easy to Get Started
  • Email Setup Instructions
  • HR Hailey is informed by the CEO that morale in the company is low, and this is causing employees to quit.
  • IT Ivan Recieves a Notification
  • To: IT IVAN
  • HR Hailey would like you to install and deploy SoLoMoFoo to your company. This should take about ten minutes and is completely painless. Thanks, SoLoMoFoo Team
  • HR Hailey doesn't know what she is looking for and starts by reading a few blogs looking for tips and tricks.
  • The Following Week
  • Is it just me, or is work more fun now that SoLoMoFoo is causing all these impromptu snack breaks?
  • The idea of sharing food and creating more of a community in the office intrigues HR Hailey.
  • One Month Later
  • After reading the SoLoMoFoo website, HR Hailey is even more convinced this is a great product and emails instructions to IT Ivan.
  • Well Deserved Praise
  • Our latest employee happiness survey is the best it has been in months. Thank you!
  • IT Ivan receives an email with instructions and is easily able to setup and deploy SoLoMoFoo.
  • Acme Co. has really gotten into using SoLoMoFoo and lots of great conversations are happening in the kitchen.
  • HR Hailey reviews the usage of SoLoMoFoo to really see how much people are using it.
  • People are using SoLoMoFoo a lot.
  • Charlie the CEO invites HR Hailey into his office to congratulate on her on quickly and cost effectively improving team morale.