The 13 Clocks Sequence of Events
עודכן: 1/26/2021
The 13 Clocks Sequence of Events
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מארגן גרפי ציר זמן

על ידי אנה וורפילד

ציר זמן הוא סוג של מארגן גרפי המציג אירועים ספציפיים ברצף, בדרך כלל עם תאריכים, באופן ליניארי. צירי זמן הם שימושיים במיוחד עבור לימוד או סקירה ההיסטוריה, כי ציר הזמן יהיה חזותי להציג אירועים מרכזיים על פני תקופה של זמן. Storyboard That מוסיף מימד נוסף מעבר תאריכים ותיאורים, על ידי כך קל להמחיש אירועים חשובים!

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The 13 Clocks Sequence of Events activity Thirteen Clocks

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  • "...the Duke decided he had murdered time, slain it with his sword, and wiped his bloody blade upon its beard and left it lying there, bleeding hours and minutes."
  • The Duke 'murders' time. He keeps Princess Saralinda locked in his castle and gives impossible tasks for her suitors.
  • "I make mistakes, but I am on the side of Good."
  • The Duke knows Xingu is Zorn of Zorna and he gives him a seeming impossible task for Saralinda's hand.
  • "I give you nine and ninety hours, not nine and ninety days, to find a thousand jewels and bring them here. When you return the clocks must all be striking five."
  • Xingu (Zorn of Zorna) comes to town in search of a fair maiden. He decides he wants to try for Saralinda's hand in marriage. He and Golux form a plan.
  • "If you can touch the clocks and never start them, then you can start the clocks and never touch them."
  • Zorn and Golux search for the 1,000 jewels. They go to Hagga's house and make her laugh so she cries jewels. Long ago King Gwain granted her the power to cry jewels.
  • "She's not my niece. I stole her from a king."
  • When they get back to the castle, Princess Saralinda, helps them unfreeze the clocks.
  • Zorn completes the impossible task. The Duke tells them that Saralinda was not his niece and that he stole her long ago. Hark reveals that he is King Gwain's servant.
  • Zorn and Saralinda ride off, happily. The Duke is eaten by the Todal.
  • "Princess Saralinda thought she saw, as people often think they see, on clear and windless days, the distant shining shores of Ever After."