Teaching Punctuation with StoryboardThat
עודכן: 10/25/2016
Teaching Punctuation with StoryboardThat
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תיאור Storyboard

One great way to reinforce the rules of punctuation is to have students create a storyboard that defines each of the desired punctuation marks and then give a fully-illustrated example using storyboardthat. Students will get to think creatively while they internalize essential grammatical rules.

טקסט Storyboard

  • Hi! Let's talk about: PUNCTUATION
  • PERIOD ( . )
  • This castle is in a far away land.
  • COMMA ( , )
  • The castle has towers, windows, and a moat.
  • Punctuation is very important.
  • Oh no! There is a dragon approaching!
  • A period is for the end of a declarative sentence.
  • COLON ( : )
  • Thankfully, three soldiers will come to fight the dragon: Julius, Martin, and Jonah. They have to do two things: feed the dragon and put him to sleep.
  • A comma can separate clauses OR components of a list.
  • SEMI-COLON ( ; )
  • The dragon is defeated; everyone will celebrate!
  • An exclamation point is for sentences with lots of emotion.
  • A colon is used to tell the reader that a list of facts are coming.
  • A semi-colon is used to connect two complete thoughts in one sentence.