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We know how hard you work to find the right resources for your class, and sometimes you need to make your own pages, projects, and posters. Help out other teachers by selling the items you create here on Teachers Pay Teachers or similar sites.

Here's some easy steps to get your creations up and ready to sell!

Getting Your Worksheets on TpT

  1. Download your worksheet(s) as a PDF by clicking the "Download Images/PowerPoint" button.

  2. Download storyboard as an Image
  3. Select the PDF option from the list of options.

  4. Download Storyboard Options - PDF Option Circled
  5. Click the "Add New Product" button from your Teachers Pay Teachers dashboard.

  6. Follow prompts from TpT!

And there you have it! Check out our worksheet templates to get started creating today!

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Do you have any questions? Email us at and we will be happy to help.

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Get the most out of Storyboard That with these great features!

Classroom Features

During your 14-Day free trial, you and your students will have full access to all the classroom features.

  • Unlimited Storyboards with up to 100 cells
  • Personal Teacher Dashboard
  • Support for Google Sign On

Photos for Class

Easily find that perfect photo thanks to integration with Photos for Class.

  • Millions of Creative Commons photos
  • Automatically cited when used
  • Makes storyboards POP

Powerful Export

After your storyboard is created easily export it to high resolution storyboard cells, PDF, slideshow, and so much more!

  • Export to PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides
  • Upload to your blog, wiki, email or social media
  • Create classroom posters and custom printables

Presentation Ready

Quickly turn any storyboard into a presentation to receive immediate feedback!

  • One Click Live Slide Shows
  • Export to PowerPoint (Keynote, and Google Slides compatible)
  • Create a new presentation just as easily after edits
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