Product Solution Benefit
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Product Solution Benefit
यह स्टोरीबोर्ड StoryboardThat .com के साथ बनाया गया था
आप इस स्टोरीबोर्ड को निम्नलिखित लेखों और संसाधनों में पा सकते हैं:

एक लिफ्ट पिच कैसे बनाएँ

हारून शेरमेन द्वारा

आपके पास बहुत अच्छे विचार हैं, लेकिन पता नहीं कहाँ जाना है चिंता मत करो, Storyboard That उत्पाद के विकास के लिए एक उत्कृष्ट संसाधन है और खुद को बाजार में स्थापित कर रहा है। भाग 1 पर प्रारंभ करें: Storyboard That की एलेवेटर पिच Storyboard That उत्पाद विकास के लिए इलस्ट्रेटेड गाइड है I

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स्टोरीबोर्ड विवरण

Use Case template - Product storyboard Template

स्टोरीबोर्ड पाठ

  • Problem Experienced
  • I am doing ______________ and really wish I could ______________
  • Solution Search
  • I try the obvious solution ______________ but ______________
  • Product Discovery
  • Oh I just found ______________ by ______________
  • Clearly show an example scenario where the customer is experiencing a pain point where they would want your product.
  • Product Experienced
  • All I do is hit this magic button...
  • For most problems there is an existing solution, explain why it doesn't quite work in your scenario.
  • Problem Alleviated
  • ______________ shows up at ______________
  • Show a plausible way your user could be introduced to your product/offering. Google? Word of Mouth?
  • Beneficial Outcome
  • Wow! This product saved me ______________ and let me ______________
  • Show a magical solution that largely ignores the bigger question of how the technology works behind the scene.
  • Magic Button
  • After the magic button is pressed, what happens from a customer perspective?
  • Why is the customer happy? What benefit to them was experienced?
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