Animated - Example
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Animated - Example
आप इस स्टोरीबोर्ड को निम्नलिखित लेखों और संसाधनों में पा सकते हैं:
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5 स्टोरीबोर्ड टेम्पलेट्स और उदाहरण जो कि आप अपने विचारों को कल्पना करेंगे और फिर उन्हें वीडियो में बदल देंगे। व्यवसाय के वीडियो के लिए अपने विचारों और साजिशों को स्टोरीबोर्ड कैसे करें

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स्टोरीबोर्ड विवरण

Animated video marketing ad storyboard

स्टोरीबोर्ड पाठ

  • Introduction to Happy Character
  • Character vs Monster (problem)
  • Character Uses Product to Fight Monster
  • VO: Will the worker is very happy with his job, office, and his coworkers. There's only one problem...
  • Monster Goes Away
  • Z
  • Z
  • VO: The monster named 'Hunger' usually creeps up on him around 3pm. Hunger distracts him from his work and makes him grumpy.
  • Character Returns to Being Happy
  • VO: Luckily Will has the SoLoMoFoo app and uses to locate free food around his office so he can fight off Hunger whenever it creeps up.
  • Product Summary with Call to Action
  • VO: With SoLoMoFoo Will is able to put hunger to sleep.
  • Z
  • VO: With Hunger asleep Will is able to get back to work and be pleasant with his coworkers. 
  • VO: Download SoLoMoFoo today in the app store and access free food all over the globe!