Netko / Tražen / Ali / Dakle / Onda: Rupe
Ažurirano: 2/27/2019
Netko / Tražen / Ali / Dakle / Onda: Rupe

Opis Storyboarda

Dijelovi Priče - Netko je Htio, ali Onda - Rupe

Storyboard Tekst

  • Who's the main character?
  • I'm Stanley Yelnats the 4th. My name is the same forwards and backwards!
  • What did the character want?
  • I wish my pig stealing great - great grandfather didn't curse me. Maybe then I'd have some luck and friends.
  • What was the problem?
  • BUT
  • I was accused of stealing a pair of shoes and sent away to a boys detention camp.
  • How did they try to solve the problem?
  • SO
  • Hey, I think we found something!
  • What was the resolution to the problem?
  • THEN
  • We reversed the curse!