Foils in A Separate Peace: Gene vs. Finny
Frissítve: 11/8/2019
Foils in A Separate Peace: Gene vs. Finny
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Foil Characters

Fólia Karakterek

Rebecca Ray

Fóliák használják minden típusú irodalomban. Egy karakter, mutat ellentétes és egymásnak ellentmondó tulajdonságokat egy másik karakter neve a fólia. Fólia karakter lehet antagonisták, de nem mindig. Néha, fóliák lesz még más karakter a főhős. Ha egy szerző használ fóliát, akkor biztos akar lenni abban, hogy az olvasó felvette fontos tulajdonságait és jellemzőit a főszereplő. Emiatt fóliák fontos, hogy néz ki!

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Storyboard Leírás

Character Foils in A Separate Peace: Gene vs. Finny

Storyboard Szöveg

  • 16 years old, athletic
  • Really good at academics and book work; wants to be at the head of the class
  • Competitive and regimented
  • 16 years old, green eyes, athletic
  • Doesn't care for rules, in sports or at school
  • The best athlete at the school; doesn't really do so well in his academics
  • Gene is incredibly insecure. He second-guesses everything, including Finny's motivations for friendship. While Finny just wants to have fun with his best pal, Gene imagines a competition between them where Finny is trying to sabotage his studies. When he discovers he is wrong, he is so angry at himself that he knocks Finny out of the tree, permanently injuring his leg.
  • Insecure and jealous
  • Second-guesses things and is afraid to take chances
  • Finny is unlike most other people. He doesn't seem to have a bad or jealous bone in his body. He loves to make up new games with no thought given to any hard-and-fast rules. He likes to break the school rules and jump from the tree by the river or skip classes and dinner. He loves hanging out with Gene and sees him as his best friend.
  • Impulsive
  • Has no ulterior motives; motivated by his love of fun