Winter Holiday - Story
Aggiornato: 11/16/2018
Winter Holiday - Story
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Con Emily Swartz

Chi mi conosce sa che sono un pianificatore. Mi piace pianificare il mio pranzi per la settimana, dove sto andando sulla mia prossima vacanza, e anche ciò che doni che sto dando per compleanni / vacanze, a volte mesi di anticipo. Ti piace pianificare in anticipo troppo? Sei fortunato! Ho messo insieme un calendario di Storyboard That s 'piani di lezione per ferie (tutte comprese le attività degli studenti), in modo da poter pianificare le lezioni per tutte le prossime vacanze ...

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  • It's just snow, dear.
  • The snow kept coming down. I didn't think it was ever going to stop. The outdoors turned ghostly white. Would Wei be able to find his way to us?
  • scratch scratch
  • Wei was late. He is never late. He is ALWAYS early. When I expressed my concerns to my mother, she didn't believe me at all.
  • I had seen snow before, but this was worse. Would we get trapped inside our house, buried beneath many feet of snow forever?!
  • Where WERE you?
  • Shoveling the walkway!
  • I tried to distract myself by reading, but the power suddenly went out. I heard a strange scratching sound outside. It echoed in the still, black night.
  • Was there an ice monster outside? My mother brought in a lantern. She was perfectly calm and not worried about the ice monster eating Wei! Then I heard the door open and close!
  • Wei had arrived over an hour before, and he had been clearing out the snow to our door! No ice monster, and with Wei's help, we won't be buried forever.
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