Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Lesson Plans by Lourdes Fernandez

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Spanish Reflexive Verbs Lesson Plans

Reflexive verbs are so much fun to teach and learn! There are many phases to learning the application of reflexive verbs in Spanish, and even before their application, in understanding the multi-faceted concept in general. While English speakers can simply say “I’m brushing my teeth”, in Spanish the speaker must use an extra word to demonstrate that the action occurs to the subject himself. This extra word is called the reflexive pronoun. Below is a chart of the reflexive pronouns.


Student Activities for Spanish Reflexive Verbs Include:

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To conjugate a regular reflexive verb like lavarse into present tense, first replace the se with the correct reflexive pronoun and put it at the front. Then, you will be left with lavar, which is conjugated as it normally would be. For example, lavarse in the present tense yo form is me lavo.

To use an infinitive reflexive verb only change the se at the end to reflect the subject. For example, the infinitive to match the yo form done above would be lavarme.

Practicing and learning reflexive verbs takes time, patience, and a methodical approach. Each of the storyboard exercises included in this lesson targets a different aspect of the learning process, be it associating reflexive verbs with appropriate vocabulary, understanding the reflexive concept, using reflexive infinitives, conjugating reflexives, or synthesizing all of the above into a narrative.

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