Žmogus vs Gamta Odisėja
Atnaujinta: 2/27/2019
Žmogus vs Gamta Odisėja
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Konfliktas literatūroje Storyboard: Man vs Nature Odyssey literatūros konflikte

Siužetinės Linijos Tekstas

  • Odysseus battles nature throughout his journey home to his family.
  • Odysseus is thwarted by a massive storm at sea that sets him off course.
  • Poseiden causes other oceanic disasters for the hero. He uses a great whirlpool to kill Odysseus' men. Odysseus himself nearly drowns.
  • Odysseus is given a bag of wind to help him get home. However, the bag is opened by his crew who mistook it for gold, and it blows them off course.
  • Odysseus is sent to the underworld seeking information to guide him home. The dangerous journey threatens his life.
  • Eventually, Odysseus makes peace with the gods, and they stop using nature against him. Finally, he is reunited with his family.
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