Demo - Example
Zaktualizowano: 12/20/2019
Demo - Example
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5 Szablonów Scenorysowych do Marketingu Wideo

Josh Bumcrot

5 szablonów scenorysów i przykładów, które pozwolą Ci zwizualizować twoje pomysły, a następnie zamienić je w film. Jak tworzyć storyboard swoich pomysłów i fabułę dla biznesowego wideo.

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Storyboard Opis

Demo Example for video marketing

Tekst Storyboardowy

  • Welcome to the Product
  • Sign up for an Account
  • Name: _________ Email:__________
  • Add your Personal Details
  • City:______________ Office Building:____________ Company Name:______________
  • VO: Welcome to SoLoMoFoo - a mobile device application that allows you to access all the free food in your area.
  • Use the Product for it's Intended Purpose
  • VO: Simply start by creating an account with your name and email.
  • Receive the Benefit of the Product
  • VO: Then enter your personal details so we know what food to alert you about. 
  • Call to Action
  • VO: After that, click the locate food near me button and you will be able to view your available options.
  • Locate Food Near Me
  • VO: Lastly, your food options will appear on your screen and you're free to go eat!
  • Food Found: 4th Floor Kitchen
  • VO: Download SoLoMoFoo in the app store or sign up online today at
  • Sign Up at