Parallel Thinking in Action
Atualizado: 12/20/2016
Parallel Thinking in Action
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De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Usando o Storyboarding e os Seis Chapéus do Pensador de Bono

Marissa Martinez

O Six Thinking Hats, um conceito articulado por Edward de Bono, é uma poderosa ferramenta para brainstorming e inovação. Ao dividir pensamentos em seis áreas "paralelas" ou "laterais", permite que um espectro de pensamento, desde o sentimento do intestino até a análise de dados, seja discutido separadamente. Ao usar esses seis tipos de pensamento de forma estruturada, os grupos podem abordar mais eficazmente a resolução de problemas.

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Storyboard Descrição

An example of a meeting where parallel thinking is enforced with the 6 Thinking Hats

Texto do Storyboard

  • Quarterly profit is down 1.3% compared to last year.
  • Retention remained steady. A drop in sales accounts for almost all of it.
  • Alright, let's take 45 minutes to work on solutions. It appears the problem is in sales. Green Hats on! Take three minutes to brainstorm.
  • Alright, White Hats on first. What does the quarterly report tell us?
  • We could cut commissions for the bottom 5% of sales staff.
  • Alright. What is good about cutting commissions?
  • We could offer incentives, like prizes for the top sales people.
  • It is guaranteed to reduce costs.
  • From a high-level perspective, it may decrease long-term turnover. Sales staff we'd have to let go may choose to leave instead.
  • It could also incentivize better sales figures.
  • This may be more of a Red Hat point, but I feel like it could make the sales staff angry.
  • The incentives are unpredictable and cutting costs doesn't really help us grow in the long term.
  • Does anyone else have Red Hat reactions?
  • This sounds like a strong idea. Any drawbacks? What doesn't work?
  • I agree. It makes me feel bad to just cut commissions.
  • What I'm hearing is that the intangible drawbacks outweigh the potential gains.
  • Is there a way to mitigate these concerns?
  • That also addresses a black hat point I had about the prizes: the cost of prizes can be completely covered by savings on commissions.
  • Prizes would mitigate the negative aspects of the commission cuts.
  • We could combine the two ideas!
  • I like where this is going. I think we need to run the numbers to see what likely results are.
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