Six Thinking Hats Example: SoLoMoFoo
Atualizado: 12/20/2016
Six Thinking Hats Example: SoLoMoFoo
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De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Usando o Storyboarding e os Seis Chapéus do Pensador de Bono

Marissa Martinez

O Six Thinking Hats, um conceito articulado por Edward de Bono, é uma poderosa ferramenta para brainstorming e inovação. Ao dividir pensamentos em seis áreas "paralelas" ou "laterais", permite que um espectro de pensamento, desde o sentimento do intestino até a análise de dados, seja discutido separadamente. Ao usar esses seis tipos de pensamento de forma estruturada, os grupos podem abordar mais eficazmente a resolução de problemas.

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Storyboard Descrição

6 thinking hats example of how Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats could be applied to a new product: SoLoMoFoo.

Texto do Storyboard

  • White Hat
  • Not everyone knows when and where free food is available in the office.
  • Blue Hat
  • Let's see if we can think of a way to connect the food with the people!
  • We can spend half an hour on brainstorming, and then an hour on discussion. If we have a really good idea, we'll take a half hour to discuss it and then table the matter for a week.
  • Green Hat
  • What about an app that sends users notifications whenever there is food to share?
  • What do we know? What does this tell us?
  • There is an opportunity to exchange information between people who are bringing in food and those who want to eat it.
  • How do we approach this problem? What are the ground rules?
  • What are some alternatives? How can we innovate?
  • It could also let users report when they bring in free food or have leftovers from meetings.
  • Yellow Hat
  • No more wasted food!
  • No more hangry coworkers!
  • SoLoMoFoo
  • Red Hat
  • Users will be happy, and not as hungry!
  • Black Hat
  • Hard to monetize.
  • Is there already a system in place for this?
  • What works? What are the benefits?
  • It won't be hard to make!
  • How does this make us feel? How will customers feel?
  • It feels good to help make people happy!
  • What doesn't work? What could go wrong?
  • It could be not many people use it.
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