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Primer Retoričnih Naprav in Strategij
Posodobljeno: 2/27/2019
Primer Retoričnih Naprav in Strategij
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Retoričnih Triangle: Ethos, Patos, Logos

Retoričnih Triangle: Ethos, Patos, Logos

Z Katherine Docimo in Kristy Littlehale

V srednji šoli, učenci morajo razviti formalne pisne sposobnosti, ustvarjanje eseje in argumente, ki so dobro premišljena-out in skladenjsko raznolika. Študenti morajo tudi učinkovito uporabiti prepričljivih strategij pisanja zagovarjati trditev ali stališče. Odličen način za izboljšanje razumevanja učencev učinkovitih argumentov je naučiti aristotelskih koncepte Ethos, patos in Logos. To zahteva osnovno znanje o retoriki. Ključ do močnega prepričljivo pisanje je sposobnost, da razklati in preverili, ali Odvzeti, retorika drugih argumentov.

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Snemalna Knjiga Opis

Primer retoričnih naprav in strategij. Pomagajte učencem obvladati retorične naprave s stripi!

Snemalna Knjiga Besedilo

  • LOGOS: Accesses prior knowledge or experiences PATHOS: Accesses the emotions associated with that prior experience
  • Have you ever walked by a pet store? What is it about a puppy in the window of a pet store that just makes us melt inside?
  • PATHOS: Accesses relatable emotions and common occasions
  • There's something about the immediacy a pet store provides that satisfies us. For instance, if you're walking by and you see that puppy, you can walk inside and bring your puppy home that day! What better way to satisfy a child's Christmas wish, or a spontaneous present for your spouse?
  • LOGOS: Presents facts to contradict a commonly-held belief ETHOS: Establishes credibility for information
  • Many people think that purebreds from pet stores are healthier and live longer than mutts.
  • That's just not true. Purebreds suffer from genetic issues related to over-breeding, and many suffer from devastating health issues earlier in their lives than mutts. As a vet technician for 10 years, I witnessed this many times with devastated clients.
  • PATHOS: Acknowledges emotions and beliefs of audience, and provides a potential solution to the problem
  • You may think there is nothing we can do to fight puppy mills and over-breeding at this point, but in reality, we've just gotten started!
  • WOOF!
  • LOGOS: Provides logical solutions to a problem PATHOS: By emphasizing a grammatical structure, the point of what the audience can do is being emphasized
  • You can write to your state representatives to let them know you support legislation against puppy mills!
  • You can do lots of things! You can contact a local shelter and go to a meet-and-greet.
  • You can go online and find homeless dogs who need homes from all over the area and the country!
  • U.S. Animal Shelter Meet-and-Greet Day!
  • PATHOS: Draws attention to a particular point of interest in the argument
  • Having a dog is SO much fun! SO much fun! We go to the park and run and play and laugh and... we just have fun!
  • PATHOS: Takes a standard experience and increases the dramatic and emotional effect
  • I didn't just adopt a dog from a pound; I rescued her from homelessness. And, in turn, she rescued me by enriching my life!
  • LOGIC: Provides clarification of reasoning for audience members with questions or doubts
  • I don't mean to say that the purebred puppies don't need homes, too. But, with over 3 million dogs given up to shelters each year, we need to start thinking about decreasing the demand. Purebred animal rescues for those abandoned dogs are another option, too!
  • PATHOS: The exaggeration highlights the emotions that come from taking action
  • So call up your local shelter now! You may find the experience so rewarding you'll want to recue a thousand more!

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