Detailed Persona for HR Hailey
Updated: 12/20/2016
Detailed Persona for HR Hailey
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Personas for Product Development - Think Like a Customer

By Aaron Sherman

Personas are a framework to create and bring archetypal customers and users to life. By focusing on discrete types of users, it makes it easier to visualize and imagine how these actors would interact with a system and identify important use cases and features. They have been in use since the mid-90s and are a common part of ethnographic research.

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Storyboard Description

Persona Drill Down. Some personas, particularly Epic User personae, need a more in-depth look.

Storyboard Text

  • Daily Reading
  • Ten amazing tricks to improve morale today!
  • Work Responsibilities
  • Can you help me set SMART team goals?
  • Primary Problem
  • Employee retention rate is abysmal.
  • Every day HR Hailey reads the blog Happy HR for tips and tricks to do her job better.
  • HR Hailey spends most of her time in 1:1 conversations with company employees. She is OK at technology, but it is not her core strength.
  • Her company is having a problem with low morale and employees quitting.
  • Goals
  • Thank you for your help!
  • Thank you for your help!
  • HR Hailey
  • Secondary Problem
  • HR Hailey wants to be seen as a partner to the business by making sure employees are happy and productive.
  • The company is stretched thin across all departments from money to resource hours.
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