Product Solution Benefit - short
Updated: 10/18/2017
Product Solution Benefit - short
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User Templates for Product Development

By Aaron Sherman

Product development focuses on two arenas: creation and innovation. Both are expensive and eat up time. Rather than build a product prototype or invest in a new process, your organization can share a storyboard.

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Storyboard Description

Product Development - business analysis storyboards

Storyboard Text

  • Context / Problem
  • I am doing ______________ and really wish I could ______________ .
  • Magic Solution
  • All I do is hit this magic button...
  • Magic Button
  • User Benefit
  • Wow! This product saved me ______________ and let me ______________ .
  • Clearly show an example scenario where the customer is experiencing a pain point where they would want your product.
  • Show a magical solution that largely ignores the bigger question of how the technology works behind the scene.
  • Why is the customer happy? What benefit to them was experienced?
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