Juxtaposition Examples
Updated: 3/4/2019
Juxtaposition Examples
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Juxtaposition in Literature


By Anna Warfield

Juxtaposition is a literary term describing the placement of things near one another. The "things" could be people, places, ideas, objects, moods, motifs, emotions, etc. Juxtaposition as a literary element is accomplished by placing two (or more) "things" near each other. Much like classification in science, and comparing and contrasting, when placing two objects next to one another, the similarities and differences are typically noticeable right away. The less alike the two are, the greater the contrast, and the easier it is to spot the contrasts.

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Storyboard Description

Juxtaposition Examples to discuss in your class - Innuit in the desert? Beautiful bride in an abandoned house? Create your own!