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Story Starter Example
Updated: 6/18/2019
Story Starter Example
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Story Starters & Writing Prompts

Story Starters and Writing Prompts

By Anna Warfield

Storyboard That has come up with a variety of story starters to help people get thinking about narratives. Storytelling is a part of everyone’s daily life, and we want more people to feel confident in telling all of their stories...

3 Tips to Help Struggling Students

By Emily Swartz

Often, struggling students just need a push in the right direction and then they take off running on their own! One way to give students a nudge is to create (or start to create) the assigned storyboard - whether that be a plot diagram, vocabulary chart, or timeline - and pass it along to students’ Storyboard That accounts via a Template!

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Storyboard Description

Story Starter Example - completed storyboard. After the storyboard is finished, students can draft out a piece of writing

Storyboard Text

  • Just take a seat over there.
  • Say, "Ahhhh".
  • Hmmmm. Mmmm mmmm.
  • Looks good.
  • All done! Pretty easy, right?
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