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The Luckiest Time of All Cause and Effect
Updated: 6/6/2017
The Luckiest Time of All Cause and Effect
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The Luckiest Time of All by Lucille Clifton

Lesson Plans by Becky Harvey

"The Luckiest Time of All” is a short story about a grandmother recalling how she and her husband met, in what could have been very unlucky circumstances. It is a sweet tale about luck and happenstance.

The Luckiest Time of All

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The Luckiest Time of All Cause and Effect Lucille Clifton

Storyboard Text

  • Elzie accidentally throws her lucky stone, and it hits the dancing dog on the nose.
  • The dog chases her angrily.
  • A handsome, young stranger lassos the dog, saving Elzie from being mauled. She is very grateful and the stranger is very eager to get to know her better.
  • Elzie and her handsome savior wind up getting married and living a long and happy life together. She is able to tell this story to her great-granddaughter because of the day the dancing dog chased her.
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