Flashback in Holes
Updated: 3/4/2019
Flashback in Holes
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Parallel Plot and Nonlinear Narrative

By Bridget Baudinet

The term parallel stories, also referred to as parallel narratives or parallel plots, denotes a story structure in which the writer includes two or more separate narratives linked by a common character, event, or theme. Parallel stories enrich a work and have been used by playwrights and novelists for centuries. As the shape of modern literacy continues to change, however, writers are increasingly experimenting with narrative form and voice. This has resulted in a recent increase in novels making use of multiple perspectives and parallel stories.

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Storyboard Description

Use of Flashback in Holes - Parallel plot example & template

Storyboard Text

  • A hundred years ago, Sam made a living by selling his sweet onions to the people of Green Lake, Texas.
  • When Stanley and Zero are lost out in on God's Thumb, they survive by miraculously discovering wild onions. They have accidentally stumbled upon the thriving plants that Sam tended a century before.
  • Trout Walker kills Sam out of jealousy and racism. From that day on, rain never falls on Green Lake.
  • When Stanley arrived in Camp Green Lake it has been dry for years. The former lake is now a desert due to a decades-old cosmic punishment.
  • When Kissing Kate Barlow robs Stanley Yelnats I, she does not kill him.
  • Start digging. Hahahahaha!
  • Stanley Yelnats I lives to have generations of descendants (up to Stanley Yelnats IV), but the Yelnats family remains perpetually poor.
  • Dig!
  • Before Kate Barlow dies of a lizard bite, she tells Trout Walker and his wife that her treasure is buried somewhere in the dried up lake.
  • The Warden turns out to be Trout Walker's granddaughter. She has all of the boys at Camp Green Lake dig holes, not to reform them, but to help her find the treasure.