French Subjunctive Black and White Worksheet
Updated: 3/6/2019
French Subjunctive Black and White Worksheet
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Create New Teaching Materials for French Class

By Bridget Baudinet

With the many possibilities of Storyboard That, French teachers will enjoy using the platform as much as their students! Not only can the storyboards be used for student activities, but they can also serve as a resource for creating materials for the language classroom. Using the program, teachers can create worksheets, tests, oral language practice, and posters to decorate the classroom. All of these materials are personalized and adapted to the needs of their particular students, ensuring that the lessons will always meet students where they're at.

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Teach subjunctives in French with worksheets

Storyboard Text

  • Name Date
  • Il a peur que
  • Using Subjunctives in French
  • Il est possible que
  • Today's date December 7
  • Il faut que
  • Quand Nöel s'approche, il est important que
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