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Financial Example
Updated: 2/28/2019
Financial Example
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Financial Infographics

Financial Infographics

Trying to explain complex financial situations to those not familiar with financial terms or concepts is not an easy task. People can often be intimidated by complex sounding financial language and automatically tune it out. Using an infographic to explain financial situations is a great way to captivate a typically unengaged audience!

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Storyboard Text

  • Effect of Increased Sales on Our Company
  • There have been a decrease in unhappy customers because we have the resources to fix their problems.
  • We enrolled some of our top employees into classes, which will help them achieve career goals within the company.
  • Many of our employees received a substantial pay raise.
  • Sister work buildings have now been built to bring in more employees.
  • Sales Increase
  • We were able to hire on more employees so that we can get future projects done faster and start new projects.
  • Some of our employees were able to move closer to the work building.
  • We ultimately surpassed our original sales goal. We will now set up a new goal for the future.
  • A brand new cafeteria has been built in our work building. It has a wider selection of food.
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