Updated: 2/28/2019
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Persona Infographics

A user or buyer persona is a fictitious prototypical replica of one of your customer subsets. Products often have drastically different types of users or consumers, and a persona is a way of categorizing each type of buyer into a single entity. A user persona has typical motivations, struggles, and goals all related to your product or service.

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Storyboard Text

  • Marketer Mary
  • Motivations She is motivated by hitting all targets and objectives set for her and achieving significant revenue growth.
  • Goals Her main goal is to inspire her team to produce high quality work.
  • About Mary is a marketing manager at a mid-sized firm.
  • Frustrations She often feels like there is not enough communication between marketing, sales, and tech.
  • Purchasing Power She has her own yearly marketing budget to spend. Purchases are approved by CFO.
  • Miscellaneous She considers herself tech-savy and loves testing out new products.