Ethos Pathos Logos Activity
Updated: 1/14/2020
Ethos Pathos Logos Activity
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Ethos Pathos Logos

The Rhetorical Triangle: Ethos, Pathos, Logos

By Katherine Docimo and Kristy Littlehale

In high school, students need to develop formal writing skills, creating essays and arguments that are well-thought-out and syntactically varied. Students must also effectively use persuasive writing strategies to defend a claim or point of view. A great way to enhance students' understanding of effective arguments is to teach the Aristotelian concepts of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. This requires a basic working knowledge of rhetoric. A key to strong persuasive writing is the ability to dissect and validate, or debunk, the rhetoric of other arguments.

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Storyboard Description

Rhetorical Triangle Activity - Create a comic that demonstrates the use of each rhetorical device!

Storyboard Text

  • Son, the King knows everything, even the roads that lead to Rome.
  • As king, I know all roads that lead to Rome.
  • You will never be satisfied in life if you don't seize this moment. You can do it! Get on the swing!
  • Well, I don't want to regret not taking this opportunity...
  • We should move production to Singapore. Manufacturing costs are cheaper.
  • Persuading by using your perceived credibility
  • Persuading with an emotional appeal
  • Persuading through reasoning
  • Also, fire Gary. Look at him! On his phone again.