Man vs. Technology
Updated: 2/26/2019
Man vs. Technology
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Types of Literary Conflict Graphic Organizer

Types of Conflict In Literature

By Katherine Docimo

Storyboard That is the perfect way to engage high school ELA students, and teach them to identify types of literary conflict. Visual cues in storyboards bring heady concepts, such as Man vs. Society and Man vs. Self, down to earth through “comic-strip” style illustrations and captions. Teachers can create fun and easy-to-assess classwork that tasks high-school students with creating storyboards focusing on the types of conflict in literature.

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Storyboard Description

Character Vs. Technology. Illustrate conflict in literature with comics!

Storyboard Text

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  • The protagonist must overcome a machine or technology.
  • Most often, the encounter with the machine or technology is through the character's own doing. For example, it may be technology or a machine that they created, purchased, or owned with the assumption that it would make their life easier.
  • Over time the protagonist must overcome the technology - in some instances, even destroying it before it destroys them.