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The Pearl Literary Conflict
Updated: 7/23/2020
The Pearl Literary Conflict
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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

The Pearl by John Steinbeck is a fascinating story with the age-old moral to be careful what you wish for. The novella features interesting characters, rich themes, and intense conflict to tell the story of what happens when your biggest wish comes true.

The Pearl

Storyboard Description

The Pearl Literary Conflict john steinbeck

Storyboard Text

  • MAN vs SELF
  • No money, no treatment!
  • MAN vs MAN
  • When Kino and his family lose their home, they go to Juan Tomas to see if he will hide them. Juan Tomas is worried about the escalating problems that the pearl has brought and thus is briefly indecisive about helping Kino and Juana.
  • The fact that the doctor refuses to help Coyotito because his parents are poor is an example of Man vs. Society. The doctor's ignorance to help them because of their social class is a societal issue.
  • Kino vs Juana - Juana sees the pearl as evil and a threat. She tries to sneak away with the pearl and throw it back into the ocean; however, Kino catches her and beats her to get the pearl back.
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